Ivan Nuñez Silva

How to join


Citas Rápidas Perú Dinámica


Following are the steps to be admitted in this website and be able to be part of the singles verified network:

  1. Register in the following link and attach your credentials: https://www.citasrapidas.pe/r
  2. Pay for the membership or reserve a ticket for one of our events in the following link: (https://www.citasrapidas.pe/calendario) and send the payment information to: info@citasrapidas.pe or WhatsApp/Telegram +51 970 703 022 
  3. Participate in one event in person or online whichever the case
  4. Register on this website: https://www.citasrapidasperu.com
  5. Your account will be approved in 24 hours if the previous steps have been fullfilled
  6. Upload your pictures and create your profile and wall. Enjoy finding and meeting new people with many tools such as chat rooms, webcam and 3D city.